COVID-19 has reshaped work environments. Over the last year, a new normal has evolved with “Touchless Interactions” in every sector; from buying groceries or a new car, to closing on a mortgage, to ordering take-out. This same reality will materialize in the workplace as regions of the country start to “open up” and employees return to the office. More specifically, workplace technology in meeting rooms (where collaboration and interaction are key) will need to meet the new reality.   


Every return-to-work game plan is layered, and each workplace is different in how they approach their return. It’s an understandable concern; safe physical distancing measures and the all-together-now vibe of office meeting spaces seem directly at odds. But your employees need meeting rooms. These community spaces encourage the type of collaboration, brainstorming, and teamwork that drives business forward.   


Revisiting conference room technology 


Predicting the future of work has never been more difficult, but one thing seems certain: audio and video collaboration solutions will be more important than ever. Fewer people might work in traditional offices in the foreseeable future, and that is why it is critical to develop plans and to have the right technology to build your conference rooms for productivity.  


Before setting up, ask yourself these questions:  


  • Do your meeting rooms have the capability to connect remotely with outside employees and guests via video or audio conferencing?   
  • Do you have monitor(s) or a projection system in place to support presentations and share content?   
  • Do you have the right sound systems in place to support videoconferencing and teleconferencing calls?   


Considering all these factors, it is clear just how big of an impact an audio/visual system can have on your conference rooms. An online tool like LaunchMyRoom is where you can easily plan and budget room types. 


With LaunchMyRoom you can design your conference room based on your requirements. Start at and follow these simple steps:  


  1. Select your room type.  
  1. Choose the number of displays you require.  
  1. Select the platform that you use for your meetings. LaunchMyRoom supports the most popular platforms through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, and Google.  
  1. You also get to choose the manufacturers that offer the best systems in the AV industry.  


After you select your preferences with a few clicks, your estimate is calculated. Our certified team can contact you to coordinate your installation once you submit your information, if you choose. 


Remember, a highly effective conference room setup provides convenience to make an employee’s job easier, which in-turn makes work more productive. When you are ready to launch, our team is here to help. Contact us to learn more.